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When is Hurricane Season This Year?

The coast of the United States, as well as other countries like Mexico, regularly faces the impact of hurricanes. These tropical storms have specific seasons during the year. When is the likelihood of hurricanes particularly high, and what is the forecast for this year’s hurricane season? Here are the answers: […]

A Trillion Cicadas to Swarm the USA

This spring brings an unusual biological spectacle to the USA: a double cicada invasion. Billions of insects will populate parts of the country, with some experts predicting at least a trillion noisy cicadas by June. Harmless Insects For insect haters, it’s a nightmare, even though the cicadas are harmless. Recognizable […]

Rising Sea Levels Threaten U.S. Southern Coastal Communities

The grim consequences of global warming are making their presence felt globally, with the coldest regions often bearing witness to the dramatic collapse of vast ice blocks and arid areas grappling with severe droughts and water scarcity. However, one of the most stealthy yet rapid increases in sea level on […]