Nearabl Inc becomes an iTwin Premier Partner to scale infrastructure deployments globally

Nearabl Inc. achieves “Powered by iTwin” designation and becomes an iTwin Premier Partner, joining a growing digital twin ecosystem to scale infrastructure deployments globally. Infrastructure projects, beginning at the construction stage, are now able to edit work orders based on iTwin data. Nearabl Inc., the metaverse of accessibility company, announced a partnership with Bentley Systems, Incorporated (Nasdaq: BSY) Construction companies can now use Nearbl’s iTwin technology to manage work orders, according to a report from Nearbl.

Nearabl is a New York based startup that digitizes physical experiences.  A company that uses 3D technology to make life easier for the visually impaired and people with low vision. Users can transfer engineering data into a digital twin using the Bentley iTwin platform. Additionally, the system tracks any and all changes using IoT sensors and drones. The result is an accurate indoor navigation system using augmented reality.

Nearabl is an excellent illustration of how BIM and augmented reality (AR) can be merged and represented in a mobile application to increase the safety and effectiveness, according to Sheena Gaynes, director of business development for Bentley Systems’ iTwin Platform.

Nearabl’s world-class indoor navigation accuracy and augmented reality visualization lays the groundwork for a built-world metaverse, creating the potential for significant innovation in the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure around the world. Nearabl joins the growing ecosystem of software developers enabling digital twin solutions with the Bentley iTwin platform.

Nearabl is a wayfinding and navigation tool that allows users to view accurate digital indoor maps and signage. The company’s technology has been deployed to serve diverse audiences, including, construction site managers, digital tourists, people with low vision and metaverse enthusiasts.

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